I enjoy a re-run TAL episode as much as the next guy, but I wanted to be able to figure out when each episode had most recently re-aired, and to track those re-runs. ThisAmericanLife.org only tells you the original air date of each episode. So, here we are, crowdsourcing and web-scraping re-runs of This American Life.

How can I help?

  1. Submit a rerun here or with the link in the sidebar
  2. Contribute code or file an issue on Github
  3. Tell your friends about the site!

What's this site built with?

Swift, Vapor and its associated libraries, PostgreSQL, nginx, LetsEncrypt, and of course Bootstrap because I have no desire to learn how to do proper frontend web deisgn. (Don't like it? Build a better frontend yourself and open a PR on the GitHub!)

What's your favorite This American Life episode?

513: 129 Cars (never re-run)





Submit a Rerun

Every website has a story, and this website's story is that it tracks when episodes of This American Life are re-aired.